Points of Affinity

*This is a living document; we will revisit these points on an ongoing basis


La Selva’s Introduction

La Selva is a network of comrades and homies seeking the total liberation of our communities and all oppressed people. We work towards the realization of dreams of autonomy and freedom from oppression.


La Selva’s Roots

As an assembly, La Selva collectively fights shared and unshared forms of oppression. When we speak of forms of oppression, we are referring to processes, not to unchanging or static entities. We engage with people’s experiences, ongoing conversations, and active conflicts. Thus, the collective members of La Selva each inhabit unique positions with respect to the dynamic processes of oppression embodied through the hierarchical categories of race, sexuality, class and gender.


La Selva’s Aims + Intentions

We are an informal, decentralized collective. Our platform is to facilitate the building of multiple forms of infrastructure that will contribute to the spread of decolonial anarchism. We want to meet people where they’re at and build connections. We don’t seek to recruit people, we want to destigmatize and boost autonomist, anti-racist, anti-capitalist politics on and off the streets.

We collectively fight against capitalism, nationalism, sexism, racism, anti-indigeneity, anti-blackness, islamophobia, anti-semitism, ableism, ageism, queerphobia, homophobia, transphobia, andxenophobia, opposing all forms of oppression, prejudice* (*although reverse racism does not exist, etc.), marginalization, and exploitation. We see this work as a vital component of the originand continued existence of this collective.

We work to reimagine our relationship to land in the face of environmental catastrophe, which hits Black, Indigenous, and poor people the hardest. We recognize the need to be materially and spiritually anchored in taking care of the earth, as our struggles are inextricably tied to the protection of life, itself. We move in solidarity with the ongoing struggles of Indigenous peoples for their right to self-determination and autonomy, including the Indigenous groups whose lands we are on.